T.38 Interop Lab Test Results

T.38 Interop LabCommetrex has led the industry effort for T.38 interoperability since January 2002, when it launched the T.38 Interoperability Test Lab. Cisco, Lucent, NMS, Sonus, Ricoh, and Excel were among the T.38 Interop Testing Partners in our Test Lab. However, over time, scheduling a mutually convenient time for our test engineers and that of our testing partners became a major obstacle, so the lab was closed in 2004. In order to facilitate in-house testing by our customers, Commetrex has introduced the BladeWare Fax Interop Test Suite (FITS), which allows the OEM to perform the same testing as done in the T.38 Interop Test Lab.

Company Product
Brecis Communications MSP Architecture
Cisco AS2600/AS3600
DataVision Lucent Max TNT
Excel Switching Converged Services Platform
GlobespanVirata (D2 Technologies)
J2 Global Communications Cisco 3600
Lucent MAX TNT
Mediatrix Telecom APA 3-4 FXS
Neutron Systems Gateway-on-a-Chip™ VoIP
Nuera Orca GX
Ricoh Fax 4410 NF
Fax 5510 NF
Sonus Networks
T&S Software NMS Fusion 4.2
xFax Lucent Max TNT