T.38 Interop LabCommetrex has led the industry effort for T.38 interoperability since January 2002, when it launched the T.38 Interoperability Test Lab. Now, Commetrex has introduced the BladeWare Fax Interop Test Suite (FITS) to allow the OEM to perform the same testing in house. BladeWare FITS is a ready-to-test system comprised of a client application based on the BladeWare stand-alone IP-based media server that provides the developer with a T.38 and G.711 pass-through interoperability testing facility. FITS may also be used to test IP-based networks for T.38 and G.711 pass-through robustness.

FITS uses BladeWare to place and accept SIP calls and to send-receive faxes for testing purposes. BladeWare´s fax capability is based on Commetrex´ TerminatingT38, which is the same technology that became the industry´s T.38 reference standard through its use in the T.38 Interop Lab. TerminatingT38, which Commetrex invented in 2000, is the integration of Commetrex T.38 relay and T.30 protocol engines. BladeWare may be used to test PSTN-IP gateways and fax-capable media servers. BladeWare´s interface with the balance of the test environment is the IP connection. This means that it can directly test an IP-fax-capable media server without additional network elements being required. It can also connect with the IP side of a gateway under test that has a connection with a fax terminal, fax board, or a TDM loop back to a PSTN-IP gateway, with the IP connected back to BladeWare for a complete loop-back.



Supported Testing

Developers of media servers, gateways, IP endpoints, and IP networks have a need for integration testing followed by validation of their product’s performance when supporting a fax transaction. BladeWare FITS can be used for integration testing and validation of any of these systems. Refer to the diagram above. The most straightforward test is of a fax-capable media server. FITS can handle testing of servers for both T.38 and G.711 pass-through fax transactions. The basic system includes modems up to V.17. V.34 with T.38 V3 support is optional.

Interoperability Tests

Over three years of interoperability testing in the T.38 Interop Lab produced 16 tests that, if passed, yield a high probability of interoperability in the field. 14 of these tests that are supported by BladeWare are listed below:

Transmit UDP

Receive UDP

Product Configurations

Support Options

BladeWare Bronze Support provides the following services:

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