Make Your Reservations for VON!

It’s just about time for VON (March 17-20). We have a strong conference agenda and hundreds of exhibitors, so sign up for the full conference using COMMETREX as your priority code and save $200.

And make Commetrex’ booth 633 your destination to learn about the BladeWare Big Three! ready-to-deploy applications: BladeWare Fax Media Server for use with the application server of your choice, BladeWare Fax-to-Email, and BladeWare Email-to-Fax. But wait! There’s more!

If you need a VoiceXML interpreter, you might be considering BladeWareVXML, which is available today on Previously, we’ve said that it is only the first in a series of voice products “Developed for OEM”. Well, come by our booth to hear all about our second VXML-related product. We bet you’ll be impressed.

One of the big benefits of a full-conference pass is that you’ll be able to attend Mike Coffee’s panel, Redefining Hosted Media, on Thursday at 9:00. He, Ray Adensamer, Sr. Product Manager with Radisys, and Brian Peebles, CTO at Dialogic are going to discuss the latest developments in hosted services. Mike will focus on improving your service-network ROI.

If you have a planned project or just want to learn more, we suggest you schedule a meeting. Shoot us an e-mail at and suggest a time. The exhibit floor is open between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Haven’t registered yet? Click here.

Hot New Money Maker For Service Providers!

You might have heard about BladeWare Fax-to-Email. It’s a ready-to-deploy software-only (HMP) media server that receives T.38 and G.711 pass-through faxes and emails them to your subscribers. Well, for every fax received, one is sent, so we’ve now developed BladeWare Email-to-Fax.

These two affordable and effective media servers make it easy to offer differentiating revenue-enhancing services. So come by booth 633 at VON and learn all about it. Meanwhile, for more information on BladeWare Email-to-Fax click here. Want more? Contact us at

OTF Kernel achieves its resource independence by isolating signaling, switching, routing, and media-processing resources, which are vendor specific, behind “resource service managers (RSMs). Since the RSMs use generic protocols to communicate with the system kernel, the applications are also resource independent.”

V.34 Product Roadmap

If you’ve read the last few Outlook newsletters, you may recall that Commetrex has completed its V.34 fax-modem development. We’ve also enhanced our T.30 to support V.34. Meanwhile, we will be busy integrating the V.34 fax modem into all of our products that use our other modems (V.17, etc.).

First stop is PowerRelay for T.38, which is widely used by gateway, ATA, and gateway-chip vendors. This means upgrading the T.38 relay to support T.38 V3, which supports V.34. V3 support is available today, but without V.34; V.34 will be integrated this month.

We are also integrating the T.30 and modem package into the BladeWare Fax Resource Controller, making it available with BladeWare’s G.711 pass-through fax and also the MSP product line of TDM boards, such as the MSP-H8 8-line analog board and the MSP-640 Quad E1/T1.

A related effort, but one that does not involve V.34 directly, is to add V.34 support to BladeWare’s TerminatingT38. The job of TerminatingT38 is to emulate the combination of a T.38-capable gateway and endpoint fax terminal. So TerminatingT38, to interoperate with that combination on the remote end, must support the V.34-specified V.8 negotiations and related modem timing. Oh yes, TerminatingT38 is also available as licensed media technology.

If you are looking to gain competitive advantage with V.34 or any of these technologies, we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Contact us at And feel free to schedule a meeting with us at VON.

What Does IMS Mean To You?

What does someone mean when they talk about deploying an IMS service network? Do they mean fully IMS-compliant or IMS-like? A fully compliant IMS service network is, as we say in the trade, a non-trivial undertaking. But once done, improved service agility and ROI just keeps on coming. But you don’t have to get there in one leap. You can do it in stages and immediately reap the rewards.

That’s the subject of Mike Coffee’s latest CEO letter. Click here for a quick read.

Timescale Modification?

Large countries have regional accents and styles of speaking. Here in the U.S. we in the South think Northerners speak too rapidly; Northerners wish we would ‘just get on with it.’ Timescale modification (TSM), the ability to speed up or slow down the playback of a voice message can help you catch that call-back number left too hastily. The trick is to design the TSM algorithm so that the speaker sounds as she usually does, just speaking slower or faster.

Commetrex’ TSM is now available for license to telecom OEMs that want to add this valuable and differentiating feature to their messaging systems. Check it out at Timescale MST and receive more information by emailing us at