Interview at ITEXPO East 2011

Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, was recently interviewed by Rich Tehrani of at ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami Beach and discussed Commetrex’ role on the FoIP Task force T.38 testing with i3 members.

In this interview, which is featured on, Coffee highlights Commetrex’ patent-pending Smart FoIP technology.

Meet Fiona!

Like to learn about Commetrex’ products and have a laugh at the same time?

Well, now you can. Introducing…Internet fax newbie, Fiona.

She is featured in our new informational series, “My fax machine doesn’t work!” These vignettes offer a light-hearted look at the many challenges that Fiona faces in trying to send faxes on the internet. Her situation is very familiar to many of us. Ever since her ISP has switched her fax machine over to the internet, Fiona has been unable to send faxes and proclaims, “My fax machine doesn’t work”. She has been encouraged by her friend to seek help from Commetrex, (where else?) after all, “We make FoIP work!”

When asked by the Commetrex expert how he might help her, she states emphatically, “I want you to fix it.” With that in mind, throughout the various episodes, Fiona is provided a series of alternatives to aid in solving her problem.

Our first two episodes are now available for viewing on Commetrex’ Youtube channel.

Below: In Episode 1, Fiona is introduced to Commetrex’ IP fax analysis tool, FaxTap for T.38.

Below: In Episode 2, Fiona learns about Commetrex’ patent-pending technology, “Smart FoIP”.

Be sure to follow all of Fiona’s trials and tribulations in the coming months as she attempts to send faxes on the internet. She promises to bring a smile to your face.

Have You Heard About SIPNOC?

SIPNOC (SIP Network Operator’s Conference) is a new annual conference for the international service-provider and carrier community. The two-day conference, SIPNOC 2011, “Making SIP Work in the Network”, is scheduled for April 25-27, at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel in Herndon, Virginia. It will bring together the leading technical minds from the telecommunications industry to learn, discuss, and formulate new ideas and strategies concerning the challenges and opportunities for SIP-based carrier services in fixed and mobile IP-network environments. The agenda will feature presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, covering key topics related to SIP-based services and infrastructure, including security, testing, application development, SIP trunking, FoIP, call routing and peering, SIP and IPv6, troubleshooting and monitoring, and emergency services.

Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, will lead off the presentations on the second day with his update on the current status of the SIP Forum FoIP Task Group’s effort, in co-operation with the i3 Forum’s fax sub-committee, to bring reliable real-time FoIP to the growing global IP-telephony network. Coffee, the SIP Forum’s FoIP Task Group’s co-chair, is leading the co-operative SIP-i3 Forum testing needed to make international FoIP fax-transaction success on a par with faxes over traditional TDM/PSTN networks.

Until just a few years ago, real-time fax-over-IP was confined to enterprise IP use along with limited deployment in service-provider networks. But now, with the increased availability of SIP trunking and T.38 fax-relay support among IP carriers, the boundaries of FoIP deployments are expanding to include IP carriers. From there, the use of FoIP is moving to the global stage where the 37 carrier members of the i3Forum. It’s when those 37 carriers start peering FoIP calls that we see problems.

Until the cooperative testing began last November, there has been no concerted effort by the vendor and carrier communities to work together to test, analyze, and characterize fax over multiple international tandem connections. The ultimate goal of the joint effort is to make implementation recommendations that will support the complete transition to global IP telephony, which will not be possible unless and until IP is a reliable transport for real-time FoIP.

So, why not check out SIPNOC 2011 and get the inside scoop!

Finally! … We Have Them All!

Analog…digital…Windows…Linux! Yes, we’ve made the final release of the BladeWare service manager that adds support for the complete line of Sangoma telephony interface-boards. Sangoma upgraded their ISDN PRI stack, and it meant that we had to fall in line, which we’ve done, and it’s ready for you to test.

These boards are so affordable you’re going to think there’s something wrong. Perhaps our prices are off by a decimal place. But that’s not the case!

Perhaps we don’t have V.34. No, BladeWare supports V.34.

Perhaps we’re missing BRI support. Got that too!

Okay … it must be very low density. No, again! Would you believe 8 E1/T1 spans in one PCI or PCI Express slot?

Ready to get more for less? Then, check out this Sangoma “Success Story“, featuring Commetrex partner, Copia International, Inc., and contact us at 770-449-7775 (push 1) or

FaxTap for T.38 Just Got Better

Yep! It now supports IPv6. FaxTap’s input is a Wireshark capture, and Wireshark supports IPv6. Now, FaxTap supports it, too.

And, it’s always been easy to use. Just point to the PCAP, tell Wireshark where to put the TIFF-F output files, and whether you want verbose output, which decodes each packet for you and includes T.30 events.

Here’s a typical output:

C:\commetrex >faxtapt38 -f pstn_fax_sip.pcap
Beginning Extraction…..
File In: pstn_fax_sip.pcap
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Page 1:

Data Rate: V.17 14400
ECM: Enabled
ECM Block Size: 256
Line Count: 1147
Error Count: 0
Consec. Errors: 0
Status: Accepted with MCF

Image Information:

Page Size: A4
Page Width: A4 200dpi
Resolution: R8x3.85 lines/mm
Copy Scale: 0
Encoding: MMR
Min Line Len: 0
Bad Line Strat: Omit line.

Interested? Contact us at 770-449-7775 (push 1) or