Fax over IP Solved

Solving Fax over IP (FoIP) is a complicated problem, caused by three things: the timing requirements of the T.30 protocol over a connectionless packet network, the use of synchronous modems, and carrier/service-provider misbehavior. Our patented Smart FoIP® takes care of the first twoissues, and our support solves the third. But, you ask, what about the other vendors that deliver reliable fax with HTTPS and other techniques. How do they do it without infringing Commetrex’ patent?

Well, our patent has nothing to do with HTTPS. And we answered that very question in a paper we wrote for Beka’s Channel Vision Magazine. It was published in the July/August 2015 issue and it’s available on our website here. Every ATA in the industry, including the market leaders, exhibits the two problems our patent solves, but if you wonder how every vendor that claims reliable FoIP does it, check out that paper.

Commetrex is the Best at FoIP!

When it comes to fax and FoIP, Commetrex is. If you don’t agree, check out our new home page.
We hired a new salesman, and he took me aside and said, “What product or technology is our biggest revenue producer?” I said, “Don’t you know?” His response was, “I know, but a visitor to our home page wouldn’t know.” And that’s what motivated the change to the homepage. Check it out and if you want to refute or ask about one of the claims, give me a call at 770-407-6021 or send an e-mail.

Additions to Your New Voice System

Commetrex’ business is to develop and market enabling technologies for the telecom OEM. And if that’s what you are and you are developing a voice system, there are some technologies you’ll need and that we have.
For example:

  • The OpenMedia media-processing framework.
  • G.711 with VAD, CNG.
  • Vocoder-independent packet-loss concealment.
  • G.726, G.729, G.723.1
  • RFC 2833
  • Time-scale modification (faster/slower) for playback
  • Signal Generation-Detection
  • RTP management
  • All things fax.

Check it all out here.  Commetrex Announces C# API for BladeWare