Commetrex Has Moved
Last summer we moved across the street, and now our mail forwarding has expired. Our new address is
Commetrex Corporation 
1100 Northmeadow Pkwy.
Suite 116
Roswell, GA 30076
Main: 770-449-7775
Please update your records, especially if you’re sending payments.  But if you want a discount, you can contact the Director, Product Marketing at his home number and arrangements can be made.
End-of-Life Announcement
As of April 15, 2018, we will not accept orders for MSP hardware.
As of April 15, 2018, we are ending support
for BladeWare release 2.4.14 or earlier.
For any questions, please visit the Commetrex Support & Development Site.
Don’t Throw FITS…
Take a look at BladeWare Fax Interop Test Suite (FITS).
In 2001, we developed and shipped TerminatingT38, the industry’s first stack for FoIP termination with T.38 support. This meant that our lab was the only place that could easily send and receive instrumented T.38 faxes. There were gateway vendors that were adding T.38 support, but they had little to test against, except themselves. So, in February 2002 we opened the T.38 Interoperability Test Lab with TerminatingT38 as the reference endpoint.  Take a look at the OEMs that have taken advantage of the Lab!
The Lab was available at no charge to any vendor with a fielded gateway. (We added the “fielded” qualification when some manufacturers simply used us to perform their integration and validation.) We developed a battery of 16 tests that proved to be effective in validating the critical T.38 test cases. You can see here: It eventually became too much of a resource burden, so we had to discontinue it in 2004, but by then the industry had a running start on T.38.
The Lab established our TerminatingT38 and the 16 tests as the industry benchmark, and we’ve now added two related products: FaxTap NG and BladeWare FITS. FaxTap NG analyzes PCM, T.38, and SIP captures, as well as renders the image. (There is an OEM version being used by numerous lawful intercept OEMs.) BladeWare FITS allows you to duplicate the T.38 Interop Test Lab’s tests yourself, any other test you can develop, as BladeWare is an open system, and do it on hundreds of channels at once. Some customers use it to load test their products and networks.
Want some cost-effective FoIP test tools? Give us a call, or click here to request an in-depth analysis of your needs.
V.34 and FoIP
We developed V.34 10 years ago. First, it was licensed a la carte to OEMs. Then, we added it to our T.38 relay; then to BladeWare, and, finally we added it to NetGen’s™ Smart ATA®, which included our Smart FoIP®. But why, some have asked, do we bother with V.34 for FoIP since the carriers and ITSPs don’t (or rarely) support it?
Well, that’s changing.
We’ve licensed T.38 version 3 with V.34 to a major tandem-gateway OEM, and it’s being deployed. Moreover, some of our customers use the gateways in lieu of our MSP boards, which is one reason we have discontinued them.
Questions? Give us a shout.  Contact us now or call us at 770-449-7775.

Rev Up Your Platform With SIPfaxEngine

Commetrex, the industry leader in fax-technology innovation, including the patented Smart FoIP®, simplifies the addition of Fax over IP (FoIP) in your office products and telephony servers with SIPfaxEngine. Designed for the OEM of fax-enabled devices and servers, Commetrex invites you to take advantage of the benefits of the feature/functionality only offered by SIPfaxEngine:

      • Seamless integration of call control and fax technologies
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SIPfaxEngine provides the industry’s most-advanced core fax-technology bundle that OEMs need to simplify the addition of comprehensive FoIP support. It is a full-function SIP and fax-technology foundation for multi-function printers, media servers, fax terminals, or anything that needs to send and receive faxes in SIP networks. Contact us now or call us at 770-449-7775.