The Commetrex Outlook

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August 2018

  • Commetrex Has Moved
  • End-of-Life Announcement
  • Don’t Throw FITS…

June 2018

  • A True Story
  • The Fax is In the Details
  • Lawful Intercept for Fax
  • Include FoIP in Your MFP

March 2018

  • Commetrex Has Moved
  • End-of-Life Announcement
  • Don’t Throw FITS…
  • V.34 and FoIP
  • Rev Up Your Platform With SIPfaxEngine

November 2017

  • Is FaxTap NG Right For You?
  • Unified Communications Through IMS-Derived Service Networks
  • Rev Up Your Platform With SIPfaxEngine

September 2017

  • Important Announcement
  • We Moved!
  • OpenMMTF Leads the Way
  • pjSIP For Call Control
  • Extend Your Media Support

May 2017

  • SIPfaxEngine: The Right Choice for FoIP Server Platforms
  • Timescale Modification
  • Call-Progress Analysis … Some Science, Plenty of Art

September 2016

  • Fax over IP Solved
  • Commetrex is the Best at FoIP
  • Additions to Your New Voice System

February 2016

  • Call-Progress Analysis… Some Science, Plenty of Art
  • Channel Partners Expo
  • The Carrier Routing Challenge… Beyond Smart FoIP®
  • Advertisement: Fax is Dead
  • Do You Like Starbucks?

December 2015

  • The Force Awakens
  • State of the Union
  • Media
  • Secure Fax

October 2015

  • Commetrex Announces FaxTap NG Version 3.0
  • Does Your T.38 Stack Measure Up?
  • FoIP Options for Service Providers
  • T.38 ReInvites…What to Do?

June 2015

  • FaxLogic™ Wins With BladeWare
  • What is it About Carrier Routing?
  • RFC6913?
  • Avoiding Carrier Routing

April 2015

  • Webinar Series
  • The MX8A is Making Its Mark
  • Echo Cancellation on HMP Systems

January 2015

  • BladeWare Scalability and Multi-Core Machines
  • What’s Next for BladeWare?
  • The MX8A is Here!

href=”″>November 2014

  • Finally! Smart FoIP is in BladeWare
  • Introduction to BladeWare (Past, Present, Near-Term Future)

  • Sometimes, Playing Dumb Helps
  • RFC 6913 Support Now in BladeWare (release 2.6.0)
  • The MX-8 is Coming!

September 2014

  • What Happens in Vegas Won’t stay in Vegas
  • BladeWare’s Channel Capacity
  • The Industry’s Broadest Line of “Fax Boards”?
  • Rendezvous in Vegas or New Orleans?

May 2014

  • FaxTap for SIP, Release 2.0 on the Way
  • Fax Boards? Why Talk About Fax Boards?
  • T.38 Over TCP for BladeWare
  • Voice Moves
  • Rendezvous in Vegas or New Orleans?

January 2014

  • Commetrex and NetGen: On the Road Again
  • Autoprovisioning and the Service Provider Industry
  • BladeWare F2E and E2F Upgrades
  • FoIP Dream Team Offers New Technology
  • Smart ATA Undergoes Broadsoft Interop Testing

December 2013

  • BladeWare … No Lie
  • Customer Story: Data Protection Services
  • FaxTap for SIP Pricing
  • FaxTap for SIP Steals the Show in Vegas
  • Two Consenting Adults

August 2013

  • BladeWare Studio Server
  • FaxTap for SIP … the Ins and Outs
  • We’re Heading to Vegas!
  • WebRTC: Is it Google’s Turn?

May 2013

  • FaxTap for SIP Introductory Offer
  • You Are a Carrier or ITSP…
  • We’re Taking Our Act to Vegas!
  • Jump on RFC 6913
  • SIPNOC 2013

March 2013

  • A Vulcan Mind Meld?
  • Does FoIP Work in SIP Networks?
  • ITEXPO Miami 2013 … It’s Not Just the Weather
  • Become a NetGen Reseller and Make the World a Better Place
  • Have You Noticed the NetGen Website?

January 2013

  • Miami: We’re Turning up the Heat on FoIP
  • SIP Forum & i3 Forum Phase III FoIP Testing
  • Now, Smart ATA Can Call Home!
  • Where Is the FaxTap for SIP Beta?

November 2012

  • Commetrex BladeWare: The Solution for Multi-Tech Systems’ FaxFinder® IP
  • Smart FoIP Wins Best of Show
  • Making FoIP Work
  • Cloud Ready? When Is a Platform Cloud Ready?
  • Save the Date for ITEXPO East 2013

September 2012

  • Beta for FaxTap for SIP, an Important New FoIP Analysis Tool
  • NetGen Launches Smart ACS
  • Smart ATA … Now with Smart FoIP
  • Join Us in Austin for ITEXPO West
  • G.711 FoIP Failures: It’s Not for the Reason You Think!

July 2012

  • Late T.38 re-Invites: A Report from the Field
  • FaxTap for SIP Is Coming Soon
  • SIPNOC 2012
  • Commetrex Launches Developer’s Wiki
  • International FoIP Calls
  • Have You Registered for ITEXPO?

May 2012

  • RFC3840 for FoIP Routing?
  • The SIP Forum Presents SIPNOC on June 25-27
  • Check Out Our New Website!
  • Have You Met Angie?
  • Smart ATA Application Story

March 2012

  • ITEXPO East 2012 Rocked!
  • V.34 FoIP
  • Introducing BladeWare Studio App Server
  • New! Improved! Our V.34 Fax Modem Just Got Better
  • MSP Boards Will Fit in Your Server

January 2012

  • Happy New Year!
  • End-to-End FoIP for the ITSP
  • ITEXPO East 2012
  • The Three Faces of Smart ATA
  • What Is Telephony?

November 2011

  • Commetrex Owns FoIP Test
  • Call-Progress Analysis … Some Science, Plenty of Art
  • Introducing NetGen Communications
  • SIP Forum FoIP Task Group Status
  • Smart FoIP Components

August 2011

  • The Smart ATA Story: Solving Three Big FoIP Problems for the Industry
  • The Late T.38 re-Invite Secret
  • PCM Clock Sync?
  • Finally, an ATA with V.34

July 2011

  • Austin Is Cool!
  • Global Online Fax Community
  • FoIP Needs ENUM!
  • ENUM? What’s ENUM?
  • Big IP Carriers

April 2011

  • CEO Commentary: Interview at ITEXPO East 2011
  • Meet Fiona!
  • Have You Heard About SIPNOC?
  • Finally! We Have Them All!
  • FaxTap for T.38 Just Got Better

March 2011

  • CEO Commentary: Interview at ITEXPO East 2011
  • ITEXPO East 2011 Message: VoIP Service Providers Need Help With FoIP!
  • What Makes Smart FoIP “Smart”?
  • BladeWare Under Load
  • Say Goodbye to Your Pricey Fax Boards
  • T.38 V3 with V.34?

January 2011

  • Mike’s Musings: Cut the Big Guys Some Slack
  • Commetrex Is Exhibiting and Speaking at ITEXPO East
  • Commetrex Sponsoring Jeep Give-away at ITEXPO East
  • FoIP: Does It Work? Ask FaxTap from Commetrex.
  • We Were Attacked by SIPvicious!

November 2010

  • CEO Commentary: “We Make FoIP Work!”
  • “Smart FoIP” in Gateways
  • 2 Ring Releases BladeWare-based NetFAX 3.0
  • Looking to Build VoiceXML Apps Quickly and Easily?
  • Get Connected!
  • What Speeds Can You Expect with V.34?

September 2010

  • CEO Commentary: “We Make FoIP Work!”
  • An Industry First: Commetrex Enhances BladeWare with G.711 Pass-Through Support for V.34
  • Packet8, Cbeyond, and Other Testing
  • BladeWare 2.4 with “Smart FoIP”
  • Let’s Talk V.34 Fax

June 2010

  • CEO Commentary: “We Make FoIP Work!”
  • An Industry First: Commetrex Enhances BladeWare with G.711 Pass-Through Support for V.34
  • SIP Forum FoIP Task Group Update
  • When is a Fax Board Not a Fax Board?
  • BladeWare and Virtual Machines

March 2010

  • New CEO Commentary: He Doesn’t Usually Boast, But…
  • Finally! We’ve Eaten Our Own Dog Food
  • Commetrex Has Birthed a Blog!
  • emFAST is Making Network-Based Faxing Easier
  • Who Needs FXS Fax Boards?
  • Commetrex’ Tom Ray interviewed by

February 2010

  • Sangoma Update
  • Broadcast Fax with FaxFacts
  • Sandata Technologies & BladeWareVXi
  • SIP Forum FoIP Update

November 2009

  • Microsoft Features Commetrex’ BladeWare Fax2Email for Exchange Server 2010 in Case Study
  • Sangoma Analog Support Goes GA
  • Commetrex featured in Microsoft Virtual Tradeshow
  • Commetrex’ New Website
  • SIP Forum FoIP Task Group Report

July 2009

  • Commetrex and Sangoma Team Up!
  • Voice Is Coming to BladeWare!
  • BladeWare 1.5
  • What is PowerFax for BladeWare?
  • The SIP Forum’s ( FoIP Task Group

March 2009

  • T.38 Phase I to Phase II
  • A Sign of Spring?
  • Are you an OpenVXi user?
  • Interested in T.38 Interop & Load testing?

December 2008

  • CEO Letter – Fax Servers for the SME?
  • SIP Forum’s FoIP Interop Workshop
  • What is T.30 Anyway?
  • Does G.711 Pass Through Work?
  • V.34 Fax Relay Now Shipping

September 2008

  • Mark Your Calendar and Make Your Reservations for ITExpo West 2008
  • Finally: A Cost-Effective, Easy-to-use, VoiceXML Application-Creation Tool
  • Nonce? What the heck is a “nonce”?
  • FaxTap for T.38 V2.0 Now Available
  • CEO Letter – Asterisk, Freeswitch, YATE, and…BladeWare?

May 2008

  • $5.95 Per Month Per Subscriber?
  • Commetrex Inside!
  • For Your Viewing Pleasure: FaxIP for Skype on YouTube
  • Kernel Mode Media Processing in HMP?

March 2008

  • Make Your Reservations for VON!
  • Hot New Money Maker For Service Providers!
  • V.34 Product Roadmap
  • What Does IMS Mean To You?
  • Timescale Modification?

January 2008

  • What’s Planned for 2008?
  • Air Force Files OTF Kernel Flight Plan
  • Commetrex Opens EU Office in the UK
  • BladeWareVXML, a VoiceXML Interpreter That Rocks!

October 2007

  • You Gotta be at VON
  • Now He’s Talking About VoiceXML
  • Commetrex Opens EU Office in the UK
  • Look, Ma! No TDM!
  • Commetrex’ Voice Strategy
  • VoIP 2.0 Meets Web 2.0 – White Paper

May 2007

  • Commetrex Brings Telephony to Tensilica’s Xtensa Configurable Processors
  • A Need Met: An Open-Source VoiceXML Interpreter for Telecom
  • Iperia Chooses BladeWareTM for ActiveEdge
  • MSP-H8 FX S/O PCI Board Beta Program Announced
  • When Will We See the Last Gateway?

February 2007

  • Gateways for IP-Based Fax Servers?
  • BladeWare HMP Special Offer
  • The MSP-H8 Has Shrunk!
  • FaxTap for T.38 Now Available
  • See Faxing for free over Skype at VON Spring