FoIP Problems?

Imagine … or, perhaps, you’ve even been there. You’re having an FoIP problem so you run a test by sending, say, 200 faxes. Were there any failures? Which calls? If there were failures, what were the failure modes? Well, if you have all the time in the world and you are a fax expert, you could analyze each call over a period of a few days. Or, you can have FaxTap for SIP do it for you in seconds. What will you get as output?

FaxTap for SIP will begin by giving you a SIP ladder of each FoIP call. Then, it will give you the fax image, if the image was transferred, and even if it’s a V.34 call. Want more? How about a T.30 ladder that shows you — in detail — every state-machine transition of the T.30 fax session.

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