Address 10540 Haynes Forest Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone: 770-449-7775
Fax: 770-242-7353
Incorporation 1990 in the State of Georgia, USA
About Us For the past fifteen years, Commetrex® has made “Developed for OEM” a way of life. With a continued focus on fax, Commetrex has become the trusted source of fax technologies for the transition from traditional fax to IP fax, featuring products such as T.38 Fax Relay & TerminatingT38™(which we invented), T.30 Protocol, and V.34 Fax Modem. And now, many in the industry look to Commetrex technology as the standard for T.38 interoperability.
Business Develop, produce, & market business-enabling value-adding technology components for the telecommunications system developer.
Unique Selling Proposition Speed time-to-market and reduce development costs with value-adding technologies, while maintaining control of your strategic product platform.
Drivers Developers must reduce development costs and shorten time-to-market (e.g.; scarce capital, regulatory & standards uncertainty); enterprise network convergence.
Core Competencies All things fax, telecom marketing, media-processing technologies, communications system design, VoIP and FoIP, VoiceXML.
Products OTF Kernel telecommunications telephony middleware, OpenMedia streams framework, DSP-resource boards, DSP software for telephony, BladeWareVXi VoiceXML interpeter, and BladeWareStudio VoiceXML application creation tool.
Unique Products BladeWare™ Media Server Platform, TerminatingT38™, OTF Kernel™, OpenMedia™, Voice Transcoding Subsystem, OpenEndpoint™, Smart FoIP
Affiliations SIP Forum, Voice XML Forum, All About FoIP, DSP Texas Instruments