FoIP Problems?

Imagine ... or, perhaps, you’ve even been there. You’re having an FoIP problem so you run a test by sending, say, 200 faxes. Were there any failures? Which calls? If there were failures, what were the failure modes? Continue reading “FoIP Problems?” »

The State of FoIP: 3Q2012

In 3Q2012, the state of FoIP is good. Why? Because the right things are happening. In the enterprise, FoIP has become a given in the corporate network. True, many smaller organizations still keep their POTS lines for fax, but in larger private networks, fax is either done over SIP trunking or via gateways to the PSTN. But the real action is in service provider and carrier networks. Full Post

More from the Trenches

Continuing in reverse-chronological order from March 8: John Smith, Mar 16 07:18 (MDT): Fred, We only have one route for this destination - if that route is at capacity your call will be rejected. Full Post