An Industry First: Commetrex Enhances BladeWare with G.711 Pass-Through Support for V.34

Commetrex, inventor of T.38 fax termination now used in media servers everywhere, continues its record of innovation with the announcement of its industry-first support for V.34 G.711 pass-through in its BladeWare HMP telephony platform. This means that BladeWare users can elect to complete IP fax calls using V.34, rather than forcing a fallback to V.17 speeds, which take twice as long to transmit a page. Full Post

The Long-Fax-Failure Problem Revealed Commetrex Solves Problem That Has Plagued the Industry

In my last blog post, I explained how slow signaling in carrier networks can result in the failure of a fax session and how Commetrex’ patent-applied-for technology solves the problem. But, you may have wondered, doesn’t Commetrex’ solution mean more G.711 pass-through faxes? And don’t they inevitably fail? Full Post

The Slow-Network-Signaling Problem Revealed!

All T.38 implementations are the same if they conform to the T.38 recommendation, right? Wrong! You could easily have a widely interoperable T.38 and have an intolerably low transaction success rate. Problem is, it is difficult to verify interoperability, and it’s even more difficult to determine performance. And to make matters worse, the parameters of T.38 performance aren’t even widely known. Full Post