FoIP Pioneers

A new BladeWare customer—an enterprise-fax OEM—reported that one of his end-users was dissatisfied with their fax server’s performance as they had a 25% fax-transaction failure rate.  They wanted to know what was wrong with BladeWare.  After determining that there were no outstanding tickets for this system, we knew that the end user and our OEM assumed what everyone new to FoIP assumes, that it was a problem with the newly purchased system, which was based on BladeWare.  That’s quite reasonable; after all, their PSTN-based fax machines and fax server had a 97% success rate, and many of those failures were called-terminal problems, such as being out of paper. Continue reading “FoIP Pioneers” »

See Us at ITEXPO West in Austin

Hope you're going to ITEXPO West 2012 in Austin (Oct. 2-5). We'll be there in booth 722. If you're an ITSP and trying to make FoIP work, save yourself some aggravation and come to see us since we have "FoIP in a box" for you. Full Post

FoIP Needs ENUM!

Two years ago we did some serious outbound testing with the cooperation of Copia International, one of our enterprise-fax server OEMs. Copia’s CopiaFacts is a full-function server for the enterprise, but it has a bunch of features that the mission-critical fax-broadcast guys find to be really helpful. So we were able to gather some very beneficial data as Copia performs evals for broadcast customers. Full Post

FoIP Presentation at ITEXPO East 2011

i3 forumHere’s a summary of my talk at ITEXPO given on 2/3/11. “Telefacsimile” went commercial 150 years ago. Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? G3 fax, made possible by the microprocessor, is now 31. And T.38 turned 12 last October ... a mere kid. Full Post

What Gives with V.34 Fax?

Currently, there are not many V.34-capable gateways available, and only one V.34-capable FoIP fax server. This is so despite the fact that over half of the machines installed in the last five years support V.34. So, what gives? Full Post

An Industry First: Commetrex Enhances BladeWare with G.711 Pass-Through Support for V.34

Commetrex, inventor of T.38 fax termination now used in media servers everywhere, continues its record of innovation with the announcement of its industry-first support for V.34 G.711 pass-through in its BladeWare HMP telephony platform. This means that BladeWare users can elect to complete IP fax calls using V.34, rather than forcing a fallback to V.17 speeds, which take twice as long to transmit a page. Full Post

Appliances … Appliances!

BladeWareWhat’s going on? Suddenly, is seems that nearly all of our enterprise-fax OEMs are using BladeWare as the platform for a new fax-server appliance. Makes a lot of sense. An “appliance” is usually intended to be a low-capacity and low–complexity and, therefore, a low-cost system that improves the productivity of the users. Since nearly all of these OEMs have traditionally targeted the large enterprise, these small boxes are critical to their plans to broaden their addressable market to include the small-medium enterprise (SME), which has simply been inaccessible due to their multi-line fax-board costs. But the times…they are a’changin’. Full Post

Another Long Tail?

Your product plans call for the development of a product that requires multi-channel media-processing resources. You’ve looked at the market and have concluded that a PC-based system could meet your functional, capacity, performance, and cost requirements. And with the financial constraints and lower-demand realities of today’s market and time-to-market delays not supporting in-house development, you are looking at what is available as a value-adding platform. Full Post

What Is Experience Worth?

Commetrex has been developing and marketing fax-technology products for over 15 years, and BladeWare, our HMP media server has been supporting those fax technologies in the field for five years. Full Post